Just last month Mobius Games, in cooperation with Gravity, released what could be the most bloody MMORPG the country has ever seen. Requiem: Alive is a fantasy online game set in a post-apocalyptic world that is ruled by violence. It was first released in the US in June 2008 under the title Requiem: Bloodymare.

Requiem: Alive has all the basics of a top-notch MMO, but one feature makes it stand out from the others - its gory, blood-splattering effects. If you are not into gory things, you better stay out from this game. In every minute of gameplay, blood and body parts (yes, body parts) will be splattering from monsters, players, and even from your own character. Here is a link of its promotional video from Mobius Games's site. Try your best not to throw up.

With its dark gaming atmosphere and scary monsters, Requiem: Alive will surely get the attention of those hardcore gamers who crave for a whole new genre of MMO gaming.

I'll also give this game a try so I can write a review about it later this month. (I hope I won't get nightmares when I try this.)

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  1. Grabe naman ang pagka brutal ng game na ito... Hindi pwede ito sa mga bata.

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