Another on-ground gaming activity will be held at the popular Eton Cyberpod Corinthian in Ortigas, which has become one of the most sought-after venues for gaming events since its opening last November. This time, it is Requiem: Alive from Mobius Games. 

The mature and dark-themed MMORPG will be holding its Requiem Rumble: Live Showdown on Friday, the 4th of March. All Requiem players are invited to enjoy a day full of fun games and activities. 

Players can go one-on-one against real-life friends or enemies, and continue their search for glory. Guests will also have the chance to try out Requiem's upcoming patch, Version 4, on test servers. 

Requiem: Alive players who will bring with them a friend not registered yet can also win in-game prices and items. And of course, a gaming event would not be complete without free play. Designated units will be available for everyone from 10am to 12pm, and 8pm to 9pm.

For more information about Requiem Rumble, you can visit the official announcement here

After taking NCR, Visayas and Mindanao by storm in February, The Road to Domination V continues to look for Dragonica Online players and teams who will qualify for E-Games's most-awaited event of the year - Domination V.  

R2D5 will visit Baguio City, Dagupan City, and San Fernando City (La Union) from the 2nd up to the 4th of March. Players are invited to join the free-play activities and tournaments, and get a chance to represent their cities in Domination V in April. 

To get additional details about the participating internet cafes, check the official R2D5 site here

Aside from DGN PH, E-Games will also search for qualifiers from Cabal Online, and RAN. 

So what are you waiting for? Form your teams now and prepare to battle it out on Wednesday up to Friday. For more information about the mechanics of the event, you can check this link

T3fun has officially entered the Pinoy MMO scene in its press launch yesterday.

Together with Redbana Philippines, T3 Fun has made an official release of its two global MMORPG games Aika Global, released August of last year, and Cardmon Hero, which entered Open Beta last month. Luckily, I was one of the chosen few who have witnessed the event (thanks to Hudson from B2G) lol

All the guest bloggers and players were welcomed by DJ Sky from 99.5 RT. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures (sad). But she totally changed the mood of the program when she got up the stage. Mr. Taesun An, one of T3 Fun's game officials from Korea, also gave a short introduction about T3 Fun and its goal as an online game publisher.

Afterwards, a couple of presenters introduced Aika Global. They presented the game's storyline and some of its impressive features. One of these interesting features is the 1000 vs. 1000 nation wars. The six character classes were also introduced:

- Warrior - Two-hand melee attacker (two-handed melee weapons)
- Paladin - One hand melee attacker and support magic user (one-handed melee weapons and shields)
- Sniper - High-damage long-range user (rifles)
- Dual gunner - DPS long-range attacker (dual guns)
- Night magician - Primary magic-damage dealer (two-handed staves)
- Cleric - Support magic user (one-handed staves)

After several minutes of introduction to Aika Global, it was time to take a sneak peak at Cardmon Hero. The main feature of this game that separates it from other MMOs is the card system. In Cardmon Hero, players or "heroes" use cards as skills, items, and mounts. 

Cards are also used to summon mercenaries to fight alongside the hero. As a result, players experience a more interactive gameplay as they control both their characters and mercenaries at the same time. There are different kinds of mercenaries: tankers, damage-dealers, and support-types. Cardmon Hero gamers will just need to choose which type of mercenaries are best to level-up with. 

Then, to our surprise, two addorable Cardmon Hero cosplayers entered the hall.

A face, a cute Hero and her robot mercenary :)
After the program, it was time for picture-taking. We (me and two new friends) spotted several beauties around. I can only tell you 'cause I was unable to take any pictures of them. :(

Any special event would not be complete without food, and we were not disappointed. We ate tasty food, enjoyed a cup (two cups for me) of brewed coffee, and munched a piece of the finest Tiramisu I've eaten (six pieces for me) in years. =) 

Tiramisu, Tiramisu, Tiramisu (repeat three more times)
The event was a blast. Even if there were only several dozens of guests, I can say that Redbana and T3 Fun managed to come up with a wonderful program (and of course, invite lovely gals). I am looking forward to playing and reviewing both Aika Global and Cardmon Hero. 

For players who are interested to play the two new titles, you can download the clients here

This is probably one question many WonderKing players have in mind right now.

It is almost four months since the WonderKing team announced its "overdue extended maintenance" to overhaul the game that was plagued with technical glitches last year.

In its announcement in September, the team enumerated several problems that they need to fix before letting gamers play WonderKing once more. We all thought that was okay because it's what the technical team needs to do. 

But since then, we received no updates whatsoever regarding the maintenance (or if it ever pushed through in the first place). What's more intriguing is that Mobius Games has already removed WonderKing as one of their games. While the official WonderKing PH site is still online, it wouldn't make much sense if it does not have any updates about the game. 

So for the development team, as well as Mobius Games, we would like to hear from you. If you already made an announcement about the status of the game, please make it official because a lot of WonderKing players are still confused and uncertain if they are just waiting for nothing. 

Just in case the maintenance did push through, an update every now and then wouldn't be bothersome, right? :)

For all Rohan players from Laguna, this is one of the best ways to spend the long weekend!

Rohan Philippines will take its BOSS Time Attack event in Calamba, Laguna on the 25th of February. Players will need to form a party of 8 and take on certain bosses.

Sounds easy? Not quite. All participants must be able to defeat their enemy boss before the designated time limit. Teams that are able to beat the boss within the alloted time would receive several prizes. The team with the shortest time will also bring home some in-game goodies. 

If you still do not know how to spend the vacation, this event is certainly a must-see.

For more information and details about the mechanics of the event, you can check the announcement here

After a short regular maintenance, Requiem: Alive players will surely enjoy the updates and changes in the game's latest patch.

Requiem: Alive, a dark MMORPG for mature Pinoy players, has modified several skills in its latest patch today, 23rd of February. According to the update, several skills from the seven jobs have been modified. 

Fortunately, all players will be receiving 10 job change certificates so they can check out the skill changes. These certificates will last for a month in their inventory so they will have plenty of time to use them. 

Aside from that, there will also be a temporary enchantment and reinforcement boost to allow players to upgrade their gears. 

With all these features, it is safe to say that this is one heck of a patch!

For players of Luna Online, X-Machine, and other games presented by Run Up PH, this is an event you really shouldn't miss.

Game publisher Run Up Philippines will be joining the Cosplay Face Off  this Sunday, the 27th of February, at the SM San Lazaro Activity Center. Pinoy MMO cosplayers, gamers, and enthusiasts are invited to take part in this event. You may even bring home some delightful goodies. 

Aside from witnessing the "cosplay showdown", and enjoying the free-play activities, guests would also get a glimpse of Run Up PH's upcoming MMORPG, Enigma Online. This is yet another great addition to their exciting and fun MMOs. 

For players of Luna Online, powerful and refined equips will also be on sale to boost your character's abilities. 300 character name change coupons will also be sold to players who want their character's names changed.

So mark your calendars and gear up for this once in a season event! For more information on the said event, you may visit the Run Up PH site

After a successful release of Battle of Immortals last year, Cubizone has added another impressive MMO title in its repertoire.
The new game publisher has announced the Closed-Beta testing date of Legend of Martial Arts (LOMA) Philippines. LOMA is an oriental-theme MMORPG created by the premier game developer Perfect World Entertainment. 
LOMA was first released in 2008 under the name Kung Foo but underwent several modifications until it was released as Legend of Martial Arts in November of last year. Just like other MMORPGs developed by Perfect World, LOMA is based on Chinese folk lore and mythodology. And because the game focuses on "martial arts", it does not have "classes" or "jobs', but "disciplines". New players need to choose from two races, and then choose which martial arts discipline best suits their gaming styles.
In the announcement that you can read here, the CBT period for Legend of Martial Arts is from the 28th of February, up to the 16th of March. In these types of games, the OBT period will most likely be implemented a few weeks after the end of CBT.
So for players who aspire to become Masters in their own martial arts discipline, you still have time to sign up and download the game before LOMA's CBT officially kicks in. 

After hibernating for several months, I've decided to continue working on my first-ever blog. Hopefully, things will go smoothly so I can maintain it until Armageddon. lol

So how's Philippine MMO Gaming these past months? Aside from the major players Level Up! and E-Games, T3fun, or Redbana Philippines have also entered the gaming industry scene by releasing two titles: Aika Global last year and Cardmon Hero this year.

As of now the hit games include Dragonica Online (DGN) by E-games, Allods Online (AO) published by Level Up! and Battle of Immortals (BOI) by Cubizone. I was only able to try DGN PH last year because it did not demand too much from my pathetic laptop. Of course there are still the perennial favorites Ragnarok Online, Cabal Online, RAN, Fly for Fun, RF Online, and others that I forgot. (sorry) :)

"This will be a great year for MMORPGs", according to one expert I read on an MMO website. Indeed, game developers from around the globe have created lots of games for MMO enthusiasts to enjoy. In fact, a large number of Pinoy gamers today prefer playing new games that have international servers such as Iris Online. Upcoming titles such as Blade and Soul, and the NA and EU versions of Dragon Nest are also some games that international players are waiting for. While I can still provide some bits and news about these games, I would not be able to cover them all so please bear with me. :)

Wheew.. I'm surprised that I have written this much in just 5 minutes! For all my fans out there (dream on Derek), thank you for all your support. lol Rest assured that I will be writing and covering a lot more games this year. 

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