After a successful release of Battle of Immortals last year, Cubizone has added another impressive MMO title in its repertoire.
The new game publisher has announced the Closed-Beta testing date of Legend of Martial Arts (LOMA) Philippines. LOMA is an oriental-theme MMORPG created by the premier game developer Perfect World Entertainment. 
LOMA was first released in 2008 under the name Kung Foo but underwent several modifications until it was released as Legend of Martial Arts in November of last year. Just like other MMORPGs developed by Perfect World, LOMA is based on Chinese folk lore and mythodology. And because the game focuses on "martial arts", it does not have "classes" or "jobs', but "disciplines". New players need to choose from two races, and then choose which martial arts discipline best suits their gaming styles.
In the announcement that you can read here, the CBT period for Legend of Martial Arts is from the 28th of February, up to the 16th of March. In these types of games, the OBT period will most likely be implemented a few weeks after the end of CBT.
So for players who aspire to become Masters in their own martial arts discipline, you still have time to sign up and download the game before LOMA's CBT officially kicks in. 

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