Any MMORPG should maintain a regular number of in-game events to keep its players interested. Holding on to that principle, the Requiem Alive Team announces an exciting event this Halloween season - the "Horror Week"

Horror Week is divided into two separate events - Brothers of Blood, and Brainolympics. In the first event, players will have to go against other races in an all out war. Players who emerge victorious will be given in-game currency and items.

The second event, Brainolympics, is for players who love solving riddles and finding things. GMs will announce riddles in the game and players will have to  identify these things. It is like a 'bring-me' contest, but instead of bringing the items themselves, players will have to take a screenshot of the correct "thing". 

With a young game such as Requiem Alive, providing these kinds of events is the best way to spice up their players' gaming experience. For more information regarding the said events, just refer to this link.

For all Flyffers out there, the Flyff PH will be having a 1.5x exp mod on their servers starting tomorrow, October 29 up to November 1.

Yeah I know 1.5 seems like nothing especially if you're already past the level 100 mark, but at least it's a little faster to level up than usual.

If you guys want to have exp mods for your server, you can also participate in Flyff's Search for Server Star and the Flyff LU! Live Super Star event on Level Up! Live next month. You can visit the official Flyff PH website to check for the mechanics and details.

Still clueless on how you're going to spend the whole Halloween season? Then this might be a great way to  do it.

RAN Online PH, one of the country's most-played MMORPGs, has began its 13-day experience mod last Friday that will last up to the 4th of November (Wednesday). RAN will also have an in-game Halloween event to provide scary equips and masks to players. The announcement can be read here.

Semester break is just around the corner, so start preparing for this once-in-a-season event. 

Still, don't forget to pay respects to your departed loved ones as part of the All Saints Day tradition. :)

For gamers who haven't tried Rising Force Online PH yet, this is a golden opportunity for you.

After serving as test server for some time, RF's Omicron server will be reopened as a brand new battleground for players to enjoy. All players will have to start again at level one and begin their remarkable adventures in the world of RF Online. 

For those who are new to this game, RF Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that features a conflict between three races: the Accretians who have used the power of steel to create powerful robots for their armies, the Bellato race who was once a powerful empire trying to bring back their former glory, and the Holy Alliance of Cora who specializes in the use of Force as their primary weapon. These three races fight for both survival and supremacy over the planet Novus and the entire galaxy. 

I have many friends who play RF Online. They even invite me to play. Well, maybe I'm just not that interested with science fiction-themed MMOs. But who knows, maybe I'll reconsider in the future.

Anyway, the announced "rebirth" of the Omicron server is on the 26th of October. So mark your calendars and give RF Online a try while the new server is hot. You can also read the entire announcement on the RF Online PH website here.

To get a player's heart, you must start in his pocket.

I just invented that awful quote, but I think this is what GameClub Philippines has in mind when they announced their free-to-play events in Ilocos province and Las Piñas City in Metro Manila. 

The free-to-play gaming events in Ilocos began today, October 18, and will last up to the 22nd. Meanwhile, the event in Las Piñas will be held every Saturday from October 16 - 30. GC Ph has yet to post a list of participating computer shops in the Las Piñas event, while the details of the Ilocos event can be viewed here.

For all players of TwelveSky2, Weapons of War, Special Force, iDate and Crossfire, here is your chance to play your favorite games for free! If you plan to play all day, don't forget to bring your baon. :D

The Dragonica PH Team has done it again! But now, it seems players are already getting used to it.

The latest DGN update, which was previously announced to take effect today, October 14, has been moved to "to a later date". This means players will have to wait for a few more days (or weeks) before they experience the Journey to the East patch. The announcement can be viewed here.

I guess the lag, connection, and "check ID" issues all play a major role in this sad development. The DGN Team has yet to learn their lesson not to announce things that they aren't sure of. At least I can buy some time leveling my character (who's been stuck at level 43 for a month). hohoho

Are you ready for this BOI?

Yesterday as I was cooking in Cafe World,I received a page suggestion from one of my friends. I clicked on it and I saw Battle of Immortal's official fan page for its upcoming Philippine server. Yes, you heard it right. BOI is coming to town!

Now here is another game that will surely lure a lot of gamers. Battle of Immortals is a fantasy MMORPG created by premier game developer Perfect World Entertainment and was released earlier this year in the United States. Though the game was in an international server, a lot of Pinoy gamers still took a shot at it. In fact, the game has been so widely played across the globe that it accumulated an estimated 1.5 million unique logins from its players in June.

Now, game publisher Cubizone Philippines presents it for all Filipino players to enjoy.

In BOI's teaser site, several videos were uploaded to give new players an idea of what is in store for them in this 2.5D MMO game. There are five classes in BOI, Berzerker, Champion, Slayer, Magus, and Heretic. Like any other MMORPG, each of the five classes portray different roles that will suit the gameplay styles of players. Another interesting feature in BOI is that almost all monsters in the game can become pets. There are also several types of mounts for certain classes. 

The announcement regarding BOI Philippines' release received both positive and negative comments. Players from BOI International said Cubizone should skip the CBT phase and release the game immediately. Others want their BOI Intl accounts transferred into BOI PH. Cubizone will have to deal with these issues even before the start of CBT.

As of the moment, there are no announcements yet regarding the CBT period of BOI Philippines. Here is a link to the official BOI teaser site.

The long wait is finally over. 

After seven years of existence in Pinoy MMO gaming, Ragnarok Online remains one of the most sought after games for players of all ages. And with its newest installment, pRO gaming will surely take the game into new heights.

Renewal, Ragnarok Online's 22nd episode, which will be online on the 13th, features the 3rd jobs, which include more advanced and powerful classes that players will definitely look forward to. Transcender jobs can change to their respective Renewal classes as long as they reach level 99. 

The new classes are also available to both 2-1 job characters (priest, wizard, knight, etc) and 2-2 classes (sage, crusader, monk, etc) the moment they reach level 99. However, changing to 3rd job in this stage would rob them the benefits of Trans skills.

Another great update in this patch is the increase of level cap from 99 - 150, providing players an eternity of time conquering stronger monsters and bosses. 

For pRO players who love risking their zenies for item upgrades, here is another good news. The maximum refine level for equipment is now +20, doubling the previous max refine level of +10. Now, characters can have more powerful equipment for leveling, PVPing, and WOEing. :)

The only thing I'd like to suggest to the pRO Team is to create a brand new server for new and old players. I'm sure many would agree with me when I say new RO players need a fresh server to begin their adventures in the Renewal patch. Well, it's just a suggestion.

Check out the Ragnarok: Renewal website here.

Just two days away and players can begin their adventure in the fascinating astral world of Allods Online!

According to the announcement posted on Allods Online PH's website, CBT will begin on Monday, October 11, and end on the 25th. If you do not have an account yet, you can register here. You can also download the Allods client here.

I'm really interested in playing this game because of the wide variety of classes, races, and archetypes or sub-classes. Overall, there are 2 warring factions, 6 races, 8 classes, and 28 archetypes. PVP is also one of the main attractions of this game. 

If you are an MMO fanatic, you got to give Allods Online PH a try. Btw, here's a link to the Allods CBT date announcement.

Great news for Dragonicans who are getting tired of their level 45 characters!

Dragonica Online PH announced in its website the scheduled update of a new patch on October 14. The patch is entitled "Journey to the East", the game's first update since its OBT release in August. For people who have played other DGN servers (SEA, North America), you may have an idea what's in store for you in the next patch.

Here are some of the things Dragonicans should watch out for on the 14th:

  • Level cap increase (from 45-60)
  • New job classes (this includes 4th job skills and the most-awaited "Ultimate" skills.
  • New maps
  • New items and equipment
  • New PVP maps
  • Updates in cash shop prices
Ultimate skills are super, duper cool skills that deal massive damage to almost everything on the screen. Unfortunately, these skills cannot be used during PVP matches because they are over Imba. :))

I can't wait to learn the dreaded "Reverse Gravity" skill of the Archmage job! (at least monsters will fear me from now on! *evil laugh*) But first I have to level up my character. She has been stuck in level 43 for 4 weeks already! 

Oh yeah, if you want to view the entire announcement of the Oct. 14 update, you can view it here.

After months of waiting, the latest Cabal Online update is finally here.

Episode IV: Porta Inferno, is Cabal's newest update for this year. A lot of gamers have been anticipating this big update because of a number of gameplay, character and item modifications. To prepare for the Episode IV update, the Cabal Team increased the channel capacity of its game servers to minimize lag and connection issues. 

For Cabal players, here is a download link of the Porta Inferno patch. The update will take effect next Thursday, October 14. Cabal PH says they would conduct an extended maintenance from 10:00 am up to 6:00 pm on the same day. For those of you who want to know what's in store in this update, refer to the list below:

- New Transcender skills are added (one for each class)

- Level cap increased from 170 to 180

- Item upgrade modification 
    • Item upgrade can now be accessed anytime, anywhere.
    • Level cap increased for item upgrade (from +12 to +15)
    • Upgrade failure modified (items are not destroyed if upgrade fails, but level of upgrade may be reduced by 2)
- User interface improved
    • Trading prices displayed automatically
    • Twitter posting
    • New quests
- Mission War Expansion

Episode IV would definitely be welcomed by Cabal players with open arms. With all the improvements and changes, Cabal Online will become an even more fun game to play. I played it a couple of years back when there were only a handful of servers, but unfortunately, I forgot my username and password! Cool huh? 

Cabal players can read the entire announcement here, while the Episode IV details are found here.

Sometimes well-thought ideas are not enough to please everyone.

Oriental-themed MMO Twelve Sky 2 published by Game Club Philippines announced in its website that it would modify the experience and drop rates of their servers on weekends starting October 9. However, what they received from their players were not praises and words of appreciation.

Players were complaining that the experience and drop rate modifications would not benefit gamers who grind overnight. Based on the comments I saw below the announcement, some gamers were also complaining because the TwelveSky2 Team removed their previous exp and drop rate mods which were more beneficial for them. Here is a link to the announcement.

I don't know about experience rates, but I guess the modifications were fair enough for most of the players. The overnight grinding thing may be a good argument to oppose the "Weekend Marathon", but I think it is a wrong habit of playing until dawn. In one of the gaming blogs I've read, the author said something like "playing countless  hours of games is not being strong. It is being irresponsible". :)

The Ragnarok World Championship for this year finally comes to an end as the Thailand team beats Japan in the finals.

The Thais drew first blood after beating Japan in the first round, but the Japs managed to bounce back as they snatched the second to even the count, 1-1. Then, Thailand took full charge and never looked back after grabbing two straight wins to grab their third RWC crown. 

Meanwhile, The Philippine team emerged victorious in a lopsided match with Taiwan for third place. This is the Philippines' 3rd (if I'm not mistaken) 2nd runner up award in five years. 


I would like to apologize for the wrong information I posted yesterday which I got from a site I thought to be an official RWC website. I was just surprised when I found out that it was Japan who entered the finals and not the Philippines. To all the damages I have caused to my readers, my deepest apologies. Thank you. 

After half a day of grueling battles and tight matches, only two teams emerged victorious among the 11 participating countries.

Team Japan and Team Thailand will clash tomorrow for the Ragnarok World Championship Finals as they disposed their respective assignments today. The Japan Team started hot as it swept Korea (2-0) and Indonesia (2-0) before it went to the semifinal round. Meanwhile, the Thais were able to string two victories over China (2-0) and Malaysia (2-0) to take the next semis seat.

In the semifinal round,  Japan again proved themselves stronger than the Philippine Team as they escaped with a 2-1 victory, while Thailand defeated Taiwan to complete the line up for the 5th RWC finals. They will be facing each other at around 2 or 3pm (I guess) after the "fight for third" between Philippines and Taiwan at 12nn or 1pm. If you want to know more details about the matches, you can visit the official RWC site.

We still have a chance to get the third spot. Let's cheer our team on. You can check my live streaming page if you want to. :)

To all Ragnarok Online die hard fans out there, here's the battle we've all been waiting for. 

The much awaited, Ragnarok World Championship 2010 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, starting tomorrow and ends on Sunday.

11 Teams, from 11 countries will be battling it out for the the 5th Ragnarok World Championship title. The 11 teams include: Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, France, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States of America, and the Philippines. 

Game Flier, a Malaysian game publisher has placed in its GForum the schedule of matches as well as the prices for this year's tournament. A new rule will also be observed this year as teams pick classes based on a Point Cost System. The minimum number of players is 5 and the maximum is 7.

You can watch the live action here:

Our very own Team Shivans will represent the country in Jakarta, after winning the RWC Philippine Finals last July. I hope the RP Team will get the crown this time. It was so close when they lost to Japan at the finals last year. 

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