It's green and black for the new Cabal Online website. 

Equipped with better navigation, cool hover effects and a lot of eye-pleasers, Cabal Online's site has definitely leveled up! In fact, E-Games thinks the site is so cool that it even announced it on its homepage. Here's a link if you want to take a look.

Cabal Online and E-Games definitely want to get the attention of gamers with this improvement on their site. But in order to do that, they have to balance between game, website and forum management. Aside from the games themselves, nothing pulls players more than excellent customer support, and exciting in-game and on-ground events.

After almost a month handling WonderKing Ph, Mobius Games announces a server shutdown to take effect tonight at 12:00mn.

Premier game publisher Mobius Games stated in the announcement that they need to perform a "long overdue extended maintenance" to fully integrate WK into their system. Some of the concerns they would be addressing during this period include:

  1. Data Center and connectivity improvements
  2. New account registration
  3. Full integration to Mobius Online (what did I tell you. haha)
  4. Negative eCash balance
  5. Other in-game bugs

Mobius Games adopted WonderKing after game publisher Ryusoft Phils. Inc. ceased its operation for the game last August 19. WK reopened in its new home on September 9. Since then, Mobius Games has been trying to provide quality gaming experience to its old players. However, registration has not yet opened for new players.

Mobius Games better speed up the integration process they're talking about. WonderKing gamers have suffered far enough with all the "server shutdown drama" these past couple of months. 

I was browsing some MMORPG sites when I chanced upon an announcement about Aika Global's release. It underwent CBT from August 20-23 and was in the Open Beta phase since August 27. I tried to download and play Aika a few months ago. Unfortunately, I just cannot complete the download so I gave up. I'm downloading it again hoping that it'll work this time. 

For those of you who still do not know anything about Aika, it is an award-winning fantasy MMORPG released in 2009 by T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. It boasts top-notch graphics and fluid gameplay. Though one thing that makes it unique from other MMOs out there is the Pran system. 

Such a cute, little girl isn't she?
The Pran is one of the game's races that would aid players in battle. It is the player or character who will mold his Pran's personality and abilities. Another feature that Aika is known for is the 1000 vs. 1000 battles between nations. This is one of the things I'm looking forward to, but I guess I won't enjoy it that much because of lag. Interestingly, Hanbitsoft said that they would handle all the updates and events of the game to reduce any technical glitches. 

I'm already excited playing this one. I hope the download will finish this time. 

Due to the increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online, the DGN PH Team has decided to open a new server, which they call Hydra.

For three weeks players have been experiencing excessive lag and disconnection issues which may have been the result of congested channels in Dragonica PH's first server, Wyvern. Because of this issue, many gamers have addressed their disappointment to the Team, as well as E-Games. Fortunately, the DGN Team has found a way to solve this problem - opening the second server, Hydra on September 28. You can read the announcement here

However, some gamers are still not convinced that the lag and disconnection issues will all disappear once Hydra has been installed. They think it would have been a greater idea to add 5 more channels to Wyvern. 

Well, we still haven't proven yet if the DGN Team's idea would be effective. Let us just all wait and see. 

I was browsing the Internet this afternoon when I thought of visiting the websites of the MMORPGs I played before. That is when I found out that MyGame Philippines, the game publisher who brought Fiesta Online, Special Force and Twelve Sky 2 to Philippine shores, changed its name to GameClub. When I tried to look for Fiesta Online (I played it two years ago when I was working on my thesis. lol), it was not on their games list. 

I was intrigued because I haven't received any news that MyGame (now GameClub) has terminated its contract with Outspark (the original publisher of Fiesta Online). When I searched the news archive, I found out that the last notice for Fiesta Online is its regular maintenance schedule last January 20. The announcement said: 

Attention Fiestaholics!!!

We will be having a Regular Server Maintenance tomorrow January 20, 2010 (Wednesday), from 8:00 am to 10am.

Please be guided and log out of the game before 8:00 am to avoid having account problems.

Thank you and enjoy playing the game!

Game Management
Fiesta Online Philippines

*Maintenance times may change without prior notice

The game's servers have not opened ever since. 

Gamers have flooded the maintenance announcement with comments ranging from angry to depressed. As of yesterday they have been waiting for 8 long months without a single announcement from GameClub. I don't know what's going on but GameClub should at least make an official announcement so their players would not end up waiting for nothing. 

During the screening of its film "Sa 'Yo Lamang", Star Cinema has released a teaser trailer of its official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival in December. The film entitled RPG Metanoia will be the country's first ever movie in full 3D. It was first announced on Level Up Live 2008 at the World Trade Center and has been under development ever since. According to film director Louie Suarez, the film took four years before it was completed. He said around 26 Filipino animators have worked together to finish the film.

The movie is about a typical boy named Nico who is fond of playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. When an evil force suddenly arises and threatens both the virtual and the real worlds, Nico and his comrades should fight hordes of monsters in order to save the ones they love. RPG Metanoia features the voices of 'May Bukas Pa' star Zaijian Jaranilla as Nico, Aga Muhlach as his OFW father, Eugene Domingo as his mother, and Vhong Navarro as the computer shop owner. You can view the teaser video here.

When I heard about this movie last year, I was very excited. But when I watched the teaser video, I felt that my excitement suddenly subsided. I hope Star Cinema would not disappoint the thousands of Filipino gamers waiting for this movie. 

It is official. Level Up! Philippines, in cooperation with Astrum Nival,  will release Allods Online as its newest MMORPG. For some of you who might not know, Allods Online is a multi-awarded MMO title in Russia where it was developed in 2008. Because of its one-of-a-kind features such as the astral ships, some gaming critics even claimed that Allods Online can replace World of Warcraft (WoW) as the top MMO today.

"Another game better than Wow? O c'mon, give me a break."

Well, if you're not yet convinced, you can just watch the trailer video here.

Allods Online is pretty interesting, especially the Astral Ship feature. Level Up! has not yet announced an official date for CBT and OBT, but I bet this will hit the Pinoy gaming scene before the end of October. I have to get a free installer CD, if they're going to distribute any.

Just last month Mobius Games, in cooperation with Gravity, released what could be the most bloody MMORPG the country has ever seen. Requiem: Alive is a fantasy online game set in a post-apocalyptic world that is ruled by violence. It was first released in the US in June 2008 under the title Requiem: Bloodymare.

Requiem: Alive has all the basics of a top-notch MMO, but one feature makes it stand out from the others - its gory, blood-splattering effects. If you are not into gory things, you better stay out from this game. In every minute of gameplay, blood and body parts (yes, body parts) will be splattering from monsters, players, and even from your own character. Here is a link of its promotional video from Mobius Games's site. Try your best not to throw up.

With its dark gaming atmosphere and scary monsters, Requiem: Alive will surely get the attention of those hardcore gamers who crave for a whole new genre of MMO gaming.

I'll also give this game a try so I can write a review about it later this month. (I hope I won't get nightmares when I try this.)

As usual, Level Up! will not call it a year without offering another highly-anticipated MMORPG.

Level Up! Philippines, the country’s first and largest game publisher announces in its website a new MMORPG that Filipino gamers will surely enjoy. According to the LU site, the game will be revealed tomorrow, September 17.  But for gamers who cannot wait, Level Up! created a teaser video for them to figure it out themselves. 

I know you guys are getting curious what it is - me too. In the video's caption, Level Up! said that this new game is your "Not-so typical MMORPG". Having said that, only one thing's for sure - Level Up's newest game would definitely be a blast. So let's just wait for their announcement tomorrow and pray that we have more time to enjoy another tasteful offering from Level Up! Philippines.

The long wait is finally over.

After almost a year of tests and updates from eGames Philippines, the game that swept Korea, Europe, Japan, North America, and South East Asia by storm is finally here in the Philippines. Dragonica Online is a casual, sidescrolling, MMO that was developed by Barunson Interactive, and was first released  last year.

It gained popularity among Filipino players when it was released in South East Asia in June 2009. Since then, Filipino gamers have hoped that one day, the Philippines will have its own Dragonica Online server where they can play with and against other Pinoy players.

First Impression

Though I have only played it last July during its Closed Beta Test, I’ve already found it very exciting and entertaining. I was not a fan of side-scrolling MMOs in the past because of their 2D avatars. But when I played Dragonica, I was amazed. Even if it’s a side-scrolling game, its characters are in 3D, and there are large areas where players can hunt, party with other gamers, or do quests.

One thing that captured my attention is the gaming interface. From inventories and quests to maps and skills, everything is almost perfectly prepared for gamers to enjoy. I can also say that the developers have made an exceptional job providing detail to the game’s graphics. You can just stare at your character slashing its way through hordes of orcs, or literally pounding your enemies to dust. more

Since the beginning of the MMORPG revolution, most games have employed the point-and-click system where players effortlessly click areas, monsters, items, etc. in order for them to move, fight, enchant, or feed their pets. However, this system has become dull and repetitive through the years. Fortunately, Dragonica controls mainly use the keyboard or a gamepad controller for a more arcade feel. What I do not like in this system though is when I occasionally need to switch between my keyboard and the mouse. It just gets a little inconvenient as you progress through the game.

Revolutionized Classes

Character classes may be considered one of the most important features in any MMO. Different types of gamers pick certain classes that fit their way of gaming. Dragonica has four main classes, which is not bad. These four classes, warrior, thief, archer, and magician (yey), branch out into eight sub-classes when the character reaches level 20. Then, characters will have a job advancement at level 40. Later in the game, they will have two more job advancements at levels 60 and 80.

What I find interesting here is the great aim for balance among the classes. Barunson clearly wants to avoid having overpowered classes and skills (though I think there are a few), which could spoil the game for some players.

One thing that disappointed me is that players cannot allocate character stats. Instead, stats are automatically updated every time the character levels up. This means characters with the same class and level have exactly the same stat builds, which makes my unique character like everyone else.

A Unique Feature - Mission Maps

Unlike many MMOs out there, leveling up in Dragonica does not concentrate on pure grinding. The game has “missions” in most of its maps, which help players level up easier. For a certain map, there are six missions: four regular missions in increasing difficulty, one hero mission, and one defense mode mission.

Players who complete each of the four regular missions will be rewarded bonus experience, equips, and items which can be useful in their adventure. The hero mission comprises the game’s storyline and should be completed in order for the character to proceed to the next missions on the following maps. Finally, defense mode missions are completed if a group of players become successful in trying to defend a stone from 10 waves of enemies. Mission maps comprise the bulk of gaming and leveling in Dragonica.

Player vs. Lag

After spending time grinding and finishing mission maps, I also tried to enter the PVP arena. The PVP arena in Dragonica has different modes where gamers can fight 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4. It is incredibly fun to blast avatars (I am a magician) the way I blast monsters. The best way to beat your opponent is by making the first move. Once you’ve hit him, you can use several other skills to gain the advantage.

In Dragonica’s PVP arena, every second counts. That is why lag or any form of delay is fatal. Many Filipino gamers are complaining about lag because it messes up the PVP (which is arguably the most exciting feature of the game, at the moment). Overall, the PVP system in Dragonica can be considered one of the best in recent years.

Enchant and Soul Craft - Failed

Similar to other games, enchanting is a way to reinforce your equipment’s physical and magic attack, or physical and magic defense. On the other hand, soul crafting is a process by which an equipment’s soul force can be increased. Equipment with increased soul force can also gain new attributes and options. I don’t know if it is just me, but enchanting and soul crafting in Dragonica is extremely difficult. I spent over 100 gold and about 80 weapon enchant dusts just to upgrade my Advanced Nyx Spear to +5.

Pets and Monster Cards

At the moment, my Phelix, a cat-like dog (what?) is useless. My friends say that pets will become useful in the next update where they will be able to attack monsters. But no one knows when is that (I wish I did not open the pet egg when I received it. Sigh)

Monster cards are unique in Dragonica because, if combined, they may be able to increase a certain skill’s level. There are different monster cards, and each of them is applicable to just one skill and class. These cards are obtained by finishing the daily quests posted on the “Wanted” sign.

Dragonica - Casual Fun for All Ages

In my three months of playing Dragonica, I’ve come to understand why Filipino gamers were waiting for this since last year. Its graphics is top-notch and is very appealing, especially to children. It has a familiar storyline, but it keeps players into the story through mission maps. The controls are unique and the interface is state-of-the-art. Anyone who loves MMOs should definitely try Dragonica Online.

I’ve been writing for almost a decade (well, that’s an exaggeration). Since high school I have thought about creating my own blog and posting my work there. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to even type on the keyboard. Yeah, you may be thinking how can I write if I don’t type. Well, that also confuses me a bit, but I can’t keep myself from writing.

Six years later, I find myself dreaming again to have my own blog, and I’ve decided to concentrate on the one thing I love to do aside from writing - playing computer games, particularly MMORPGs (which may have been the reason why I was not able to create a blog back then).

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