Due to the increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online, the DGN PH Team has decided to open a new server, which they call Hydra.

For three weeks players have been experiencing excessive lag and disconnection issues which may have been the result of congested channels in Dragonica PH's first server, Wyvern. Because of this issue, many gamers have addressed their disappointment to the Team, as well as E-Games. Fortunately, the DGN Team has found a way to solve this problem - opening the second server, Hydra on September 28. You can read the announcement here

However, some gamers are still not convinced that the lag and disconnection issues will all disappear once Hydra has been installed. They think it would have been a greater idea to add 5 more channels to Wyvern. 

Well, we still haven't proven yet if the DGN Team's idea would be effective. Let us just all wait and see. 

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