After almost a month handling WonderKing Ph, Mobius Games announces a server shutdown to take effect tonight at 12:00mn.

Premier game publisher Mobius Games stated in the announcement that they need to perform a "long overdue extended maintenance" to fully integrate WK into their system. Some of the concerns they would be addressing during this period include:

  1. Data Center and connectivity improvements
  2. New account registration
  3. Full integration to Mobius Online (what did I tell you. haha)
  4. Negative eCash balance
  5. Other in-game bugs

Mobius Games adopted WonderKing after game publisher Ryusoft Phils. Inc. ceased its operation for the game last August 19. WK reopened in its new home on September 9. Since then, Mobius Games has been trying to provide quality gaming experience to its old players. However, registration has not yet opened for new players.

Mobius Games better speed up the integration process they're talking about. WonderKing gamers have suffered far enough with all the "server shutdown drama" these past couple of months. 

2 Responses so far.

  1. Any idea when WonderKing PH will be back up?

  2. I still don't have any info about that. Let's just hope it'll be back by late October to early November.

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