Sometimes well-thought ideas are not enough to please everyone.

Oriental-themed MMO Twelve Sky 2 published by Game Club Philippines announced in its website that it would modify the experience and drop rates of their servers on weekends starting October 9. However, what they received from their players were not praises and words of appreciation.

Players were complaining that the experience and drop rate modifications would not benefit gamers who grind overnight. Based on the comments I saw below the announcement, some gamers were also complaining because the TwelveSky2 Team removed their previous exp and drop rate mods which were more beneficial for them. Here is a link to the announcement.

I don't know about experience rates, but I guess the modifications were fair enough for most of the players. The overnight grinding thing may be a good argument to oppose the "Weekend Marathon", but I think it is a wrong habit of playing until dawn. In one of the gaming blogs I've read, the author said something like "playing countless  hours of games is not being strong. It is being irresponsible". :)

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