The Ragnarok World Championship for this year finally comes to an end as the Thailand team beats Japan in the finals.

The Thais drew first blood after beating Japan in the first round, but the Japs managed to bounce back as they snatched the second to even the count, 1-1. Then, Thailand took full charge and never looked back after grabbing two straight wins to grab their third RWC crown. 

Meanwhile, The Philippine team emerged victorious in a lopsided match with Taiwan for third place. This is the Philippines' 3rd (if I'm not mistaken) 2nd runner up award in five years. 


I would like to apologize for the wrong information I posted yesterday which I got from a site I thought to be an official RWC website. I was just surprised when I found out that it was Japan who entered the finals and not the Philippines. To all the damages I have caused to my readers, my deepest apologies. Thank you. 

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