After half a day of grueling battles and tight matches, only two teams emerged victorious among the 11 participating countries.

Team Japan and Team Thailand will clash tomorrow for the Ragnarok World Championship Finals as they disposed their respective assignments today. The Japan Team started hot as it swept Korea (2-0) and Indonesia (2-0) before it went to the semifinal round. Meanwhile, the Thais were able to string two victories over China (2-0) and Malaysia (2-0) to take the next semis seat.

In the semifinal round,  Japan again proved themselves stronger than the Philippine Team as they escaped with a 2-1 victory, while Thailand defeated Taiwan to complete the line up for the 5th RWC finals. They will be facing each other at around 2 or 3pm (I guess) after the "fight for third" between Philippines and Taiwan at 12nn or 1pm. If you want to know more details about the matches, you can visit the official RWC site.

We still have a chance to get the third spot. Let's cheer our team on. You can check my live streaming page if you want to. :)

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