After months of waiting, the latest Cabal Online update is finally here.

Episode IV: Porta Inferno, is Cabal's newest update for this year. A lot of gamers have been anticipating this big update because of a number of gameplay, character and item modifications. To prepare for the Episode IV update, the Cabal Team increased the channel capacity of its game servers to minimize lag and connection issues. 

For Cabal players, here is a download link of the Porta Inferno patch. The update will take effect next Thursday, October 14. Cabal PH says they would conduct an extended maintenance from 10:00 am up to 6:00 pm on the same day. For those of you who want to know what's in store in this update, refer to the list below:

- New Transcender skills are added (one for each class)

- Level cap increased from 170 to 180

- Item upgrade modification 
    • Item upgrade can now be accessed anytime, anywhere.
    • Level cap increased for item upgrade (from +12 to +15)
    • Upgrade failure modified (items are not destroyed if upgrade fails, but level of upgrade may be reduced by 2)
- User interface improved
    • Trading prices displayed automatically
    • Twitter posting
    • New quests
- Mission War Expansion

Episode IV would definitely be welcomed by Cabal players with open arms. With all the improvements and changes, Cabal Online will become an even more fun game to play. I played it a couple of years back when there were only a handful of servers, but unfortunately, I forgot my username and password! Cool huh? 

Cabal players can read the entire announcement here, while the Episode IV details are found here.

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