Great news for Dragonicans who are getting tired of their level 45 characters!

Dragonica Online PH announced in its website the scheduled update of a new patch on October 14. The patch is entitled "Journey to the East", the game's first update since its OBT release in August. For people who have played other DGN servers (SEA, North America), you may have an idea what's in store for you in the next patch.

Here are some of the things Dragonicans should watch out for on the 14th:

  • Level cap increase (from 45-60)
  • New job classes (this includes 4th job skills and the most-awaited "Ultimate" skills.
  • New maps
  • New items and equipment
  • New PVP maps
  • Updates in cash shop prices
Ultimate skills are super, duper cool skills that deal massive damage to almost everything on the screen. Unfortunately, these skills cannot be used during PVP matches because they are over Imba. :))

I can't wait to learn the dreaded "Reverse Gravity" skill of the Archmage job! (at least monsters will fear me from now on! *evil laugh*) But first I have to level up my character. She has been stuck in level 43 for 4 weeks already! 

Oh yeah, if you want to view the entire announcement of the Oct. 14 update, you can view it here.

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