Any MMORPG should maintain a regular number of in-game events to keep its players interested. Holding on to that principle, the Requiem Alive Team announces an exciting event this Halloween season - the "Horror Week"

Horror Week is divided into two separate events - Brothers of Blood, and Brainolympics. In the first event, players will have to go against other races in an all out war. Players who emerge victorious will be given in-game currency and items.

The second event, Brainolympics, is for players who love solving riddles and finding things. GMs will announce riddles in the game and players will have to  identify these things. It is like a 'bring-me' contest, but instead of bringing the items themselves, players will have to take a screenshot of the correct "thing". 

With a young game such as Requiem Alive, providing these kinds of events is the best way to spice up their players' gaming experience. For more information regarding the said events, just refer to this link.

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