After a busy first week of November, I'm finally back. 

An old friend called me last week and told me she needed a judge for a writing contest. Well, because I've always loved writing (especially sports writing), I agreed. It was a journalism contest and there were 7 categories: News writing, Feature writing, Editorial writing, Copyreading and Headline writing, Editorial Cartooning, Photojournalism, and Sports writing. All contests, except for photojournalism, cover both English and Filipino. 

It was a wonderful experience for me, having to trace down my writing roots (if there's such a thing). It's also inspiring to see high school students going at it in writing - a field that is slowly becoming distant to people nowadays. My co-judges, who are respected journalists in their chosen field, said writing isn't just a hobby, but an activity that connects people. Unfortunately, its value has slowly diminished because of the many advancements in technology. 

Well, those were just some things we talked about while waiting for the contest entries. After the event, I felt refreshed, as if I were young again. I also talked with my former school paper adviser who was also there. After the awarding ceremony, I went home.

There were other things that I attended to when I was away, but I guess that's another story. 

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