To get a player's heart, you must start in his pocket.

I just invented that awful quote, but I think this is what GameClub Philippines has in mind when they announced their free-to-play events in Ilocos province and Las Piñas City in Metro Manila. 

The free-to-play gaming events in Ilocos began today, October 18, and will last up to the 22nd. Meanwhile, the event in Las Piñas will be held every Saturday from October 16 - 30. GC Ph has yet to post a list of participating computer shops in the Las Piñas event, while the details of the Ilocos event can be viewed here.

For all players of TwelveSky2, Weapons of War, Special Force, iDate and Crossfire, here is your chance to play your favorite games for free! If you plan to play all day, don't forget to bring your baon. :D

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  1. My brother play this Weapons of War. Wish I read this earlier so that he can go to this event. :D

    arrielle g

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