The long wait is finally over. 

After seven years of existence in Pinoy MMO gaming, Ragnarok Online remains one of the most sought after games for players of all ages. And with its newest installment, pRO gaming will surely take the game into new heights.

Renewal, Ragnarok Online's 22nd episode, which will be online on the 13th, features the 3rd jobs, which include more advanced and powerful classes that players will definitely look forward to. Transcender jobs can change to their respective Renewal classes as long as they reach level 99. 

The new classes are also available to both 2-1 job characters (priest, wizard, knight, etc) and 2-2 classes (sage, crusader, monk, etc) the moment they reach level 99. However, changing to 3rd job in this stage would rob them the benefits of Trans skills.

Another great update in this patch is the increase of level cap from 99 - 150, providing players an eternity of time conquering stronger monsters and bosses. 

For pRO players who love risking their zenies for item upgrades, here is another good news. The maximum refine level for equipment is now +20, doubling the previous max refine level of +10. Now, characters can have more powerful equipment for leveling, PVPing, and WOEing. :)

The only thing I'd like to suggest to the pRO Team is to create a brand new server for new and old players. I'm sure many would agree with me when I say new RO players need a fresh server to begin their adventures in the Renewal patch. Well, it's just a suggestion.

Check out the Ragnarok: Renewal website here.

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