After hibernating for several months, I've decided to continue working on my first-ever blog. Hopefully, things will go smoothly so I can maintain it until Armageddon. lol

So how's Philippine MMO Gaming these past months? Aside from the major players Level Up! and E-Games, T3fun, or Redbana Philippines have also entered the gaming industry scene by releasing two titles: Aika Global last year and Cardmon Hero this year.

As of now the hit games include Dragonica Online (DGN) by E-games, Allods Online (AO) published by Level Up! and Battle of Immortals (BOI) by Cubizone. I was only able to try DGN PH last year because it did not demand too much from my pathetic laptop. Of course there are still the perennial favorites Ragnarok Online, Cabal Online, RAN, Fly for Fun, RF Online, and others that I forgot. (sorry) :)

"This will be a great year for MMORPGs", according to one expert I read on an MMO website. Indeed, game developers from around the globe have created lots of games for MMO enthusiasts to enjoy. In fact, a large number of Pinoy gamers today prefer playing new games that have international servers such as Iris Online. Upcoming titles such as Blade and Soul, and the NA and EU versions of Dragon Nest are also some games that international players are waiting for. While I can still provide some bits and news about these games, I would not be able to cover them all so please bear with me. :)

Wheew.. I'm surprised that I have written this much in just 5 minutes! For all my fans out there (dream on Derek), thank you for all your support. lol Rest assured that I will be writing and covering a lot more games this year. 

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