T3fun has officially entered the Pinoy MMO scene in its press launch yesterday.

Together with Redbana Philippines, T3 Fun has made an official release of its two global MMORPG games Aika Global, released August of last year, and Cardmon Hero, which entered Open Beta last month. Luckily, I was one of the chosen few who have witnessed the event (thanks to Hudson from B2G) lol

All the guest bloggers and players were welcomed by DJ Sky from 99.5 RT. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures (sad). But she totally changed the mood of the program when she got up the stage. Mr. Taesun An, one of T3 Fun's game officials from Korea, also gave a short introduction about T3 Fun and its goal as an online game publisher.

Afterwards, a couple of presenters introduced Aika Global. They presented the game's storyline and some of its impressive features. One of these interesting features is the 1000 vs. 1000 nation wars. The six character classes were also introduced:

- Warrior - Two-hand melee attacker (two-handed melee weapons)
- Paladin - One hand melee attacker and support magic user (one-handed melee weapons and shields)
- Sniper - High-damage long-range user (rifles)
- Dual gunner - DPS long-range attacker (dual guns)
- Night magician - Primary magic-damage dealer (two-handed staves)
- Cleric - Support magic user (one-handed staves)

After several minutes of introduction to Aika Global, it was time to take a sneak peak at Cardmon Hero. The main feature of this game that separates it from other MMOs is the card system. In Cardmon Hero, players or "heroes" use cards as skills, items, and mounts. 

Cards are also used to summon mercenaries to fight alongside the hero. As a result, players experience a more interactive gameplay as they control both their characters and mercenaries at the same time. There are different kinds of mercenaries: tankers, damage-dealers, and support-types. Cardmon Hero gamers will just need to choose which type of mercenaries are best to level-up with. 

Then, to our surprise, two addorable Cardmon Hero cosplayers entered the hall.

A face, a cute Hero and her robot mercenary :)
After the program, it was time for picture-taking. We (me and two new friends) spotted several beauties around. I can only tell you 'cause I was unable to take any pictures of them. :(

Any special event would not be complete without food, and we were not disappointed. We ate tasty food, enjoyed a cup (two cups for me) of brewed coffee, and munched a piece of the finest Tiramisu I've eaten (six pieces for me) in years. =) 

Tiramisu, Tiramisu, Tiramisu (repeat three more times)
The event was a blast. Even if there were only several dozens of guests, I can say that Redbana and T3 Fun managed to come up with a wonderful program (and of course, invite lovely gals). I am looking forward to playing and reviewing both Aika Global and Cardmon Hero. 

For players who are interested to play the two new titles, you can download the clients here

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