Prontera Church will once again be flooded by avatars and players as the most awaited day of the year draws near. 

For all of you RO veterans and ancients (hehe), I'm sure you are waiting for this event all year long. Ranarok Online Philippines' Simbang Gabi Event has always been a part of the pRO tradition for years. And now it's back!

Starting from December 14, Wednesday, you should visit Prontera Church between 7 to 11pm and talk to Father Ignacio so your "attendance" will be recorded. You should do this for 14 straight days for you to get a special prize from the said NPC. 

And that special prize is the....

"Can't be more cute" - the description says, so if you are a Prontera fashionista you definitely should not miss this! For more information on this event, just click here

As the longest running MMORPG in the Philippines, Ragnarok continues to facinate me with its staying power despite the influx of high caliber games that provide a lot more eyecandy for both beginner and hardcore gamers. But with the help of unique and Filipinized events like this, RO disappearing in the Filipino MMO scene is still next to impossible. :)

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  1. I miss playing RO,,,, now playing different games

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