They say two is better than one, but RF Online thinks otherwise.

Just last week, Rising Force Online Philippines announced the merge of Verxial and Elixus servers into one server called Vasteral. The server merge is scheduled on the 15th of March, during the weekly RF Online maintenance. 

Players are advised to check their characters before the said date and clean up all them items and currency stored in the Coin-Exchange NPC because all these will be deleted after the merge process.

In RF Online's announcement, each account will only be given three slots of characters which means only three can be transfered and recovered. The RF team has also announced that they are allowing the character deletion feature for characters level 40 and below for storage management purposes.

The merge will be an exciting experience for RF players. After the 15th, players from the two servers will be able to forge new alliances, as well as make new in-game enemies. So start preparing your characters for this big development.

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