Are you getting tired of all the generic themed MMOs today? Now why don't you try exploring the space?

That is exactly what Level Up! Philippines has in mind when they announced their upcoming MMORPG, Bounty Hounds Online last November 5 at Level Up! LIVE 2011. Developed by XPEC and world renowned Namco Bandai, BHO Philippines is set in the 24th century where nuclear weapons have made the Earth an inhabitable planet. Using the same nuclear technology, humans where forced to find a new home beyond the stars, and they eventually did. 

The humans encountered an intelligent parasitic alien race that control over bodies. This alien race agreed to work with the humans to build their new world, but peace did not last long. A war erupted and the help of mercenaries from the Galactic Counsel was needed to maintain peace. This is where your adventure as a mercenary begins. 

Bounty Hounds Online is said to have five classes: the Trooper, Bioengineer, Scientist, Agent, and Artillery. The game features a lot of sci-fi features and environments, lots of PVP content, transformable fighting pets called Combat and Tactical Units (CTUs), and an advanced mercenary card system. If you want to know more about BHO PH, just visit its official website or its Facebook fan page.

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  1. Finally, a break from those anime grind games

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